Song to My Imaginary Jilted Lover

from by t.k. bollinger

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Sometimes songs of loss just present themselves and demand a hearing. Of course some people may find it strange that when you are content and happily enmeshed in love that such a song emerges. That is why this had to be an ode to an imaginary jilted lover, though a past lover would have worked as well. Either way this is one of the most beautiful songs I've had the privilege to manifest.


Where do I get off
Berating the desires
Of people that I come across
And do not know?
What does this anger show
About me and my own

I know I bring you down
And I can’t bear
To see you standing there
On the same ground as me.
I know you want to fly –
Fly away and not come back again.
But that would break me,
Unmake me.
You won’t complete me
But you help this fractured fiction remain

Will we ever know
The sweet contentment
The end of doubt
That every love song seems to crow about.
Not this resentment.
Like mold on grout devouring love’s certainty.

You know this brings me down
And I can’t bear
To see you standing there
In this dark pit with me.
You know I need to fly –
Fly away and not come back again.
I need to break this,
Unmake this,
And face the darkness
that this fractured fiction contains
And drain
The bitterness.


from Naked Despair, released December 1, 2013
t.k. bollinger – Guitar, Voice, Melodica




t.k. bollinger Melbourne, Australia

A connoisseur of dark moods and plaintive melodies, t.k. bollinger is an explorer on the road less travelled. His musical children are songs of contrite and emotionally challenged characters confessing their darkest fears and tortured realisations.
They speak of the usual things – love, abuse, neglect and the small triumphs and tiny truths that gleen in our day to day growth and survival.
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