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Tim Buckley's original version of this extraordinary love song is one of the most beautiful bitter sweet creations to have ever graced my ears. It is not my objective to try and compete with Buckley's peerless execution of a near perfect song, but as it is my intention to offer to you, dear listeners, a snapshot of my influences, and as this song is pretty much at the top of that list, it became essential to record this version.

Buckley's concept is simple yet profound. Borrowing from the story in the Odyssey of the demonic women who lure sailors to their doom with their irresistible song, our protagonist is a moth flying towards the flame of a lover, whose own wounds make it difficult for her to return his embrace without devouring him. Realising how his own wolfish love has no doubt caused similar wounds in others he has loved and discarded, he ponders the question of whether his, and no doubt all, love is doomed. In the third verse he stands on the shore and offer's a possible salvation, encouraging the tragic siren to leave her solitary island and swim to him instead, whether to drown together or be redeemed, like the best poetry, we are left to ponder and imagine the outcome.


from the roots of despair, released September 8, 2013
t.k. bollinger – voice, guitar
Richard S. Amor – bass, recording, mixing
Vis Ortis – percussion




t.k. bollinger Melbourne, Australia

A connoisseur of dark moods and plaintive melodies, t.k. bollinger is an explorer on the road less travelled. His musical children are songs of contrite and emotionally challenged characters confessing their darkest fears and tortured realisations.
They speak of the usual things – love, abuse, neglect and the small triumphs and tiny truths that gleen in our day to day growth and survival.
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