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This Mark Lanegan song from his amazing 2001 album, Field Songs, sent a shiver up my spine the first time I heard it. A rumination on life and its inescapable progress, this is one amazing song to tune into. It was always a pleasure to play over and over with the band whilst we were attempting to catch that definitive take. The effected melodica always surprises me with the tones it can invoke. That's the joy, and surprise, which comes from playing acoustic instruments through pedals.


from the roots of despair, released September 8, 2013
t.k. bollinger: guitar, voice, melodica
Ricahrd Amor: bass, engineering
Vis Ortis: Drums




t.k. bollinger Melbourne, Australia

A connoisseur of dark moods and plaintive melodies, t.k. bollinger is an explorer on the road less travelled. His musical children are songs of contrite and emotionally challenged characters confessing their darkest fears and tortured realisations.
They speak of the usual things – love, abuse, neglect and the small triumphs and tiny truths that gleen in our day to day growth and survival.
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